According to Daily mail UK, An 18-year-old girl has just auctioned her virginity via an agency named, Cinderella Escorts, a company that boasts about having doctors that can verify virginity in girls.

The lady identified as Kim, who is also half German and half Austrian, has decided to sell her virginity to buy a car, a flat and fund her education.
According to local media, the Bidding starts at £86,640 (100,000 Euro), of which 20 percent will go to the agency.
She contacted the agency saying:

‘Hello, my name is Kim and I would like to sell my virginity.’

The Agency website claims her virginity is proven with a doctor’s certificate and a potential buyer can also do their own tests to ‘inspect’ the girl.

On their website, Kim said:
‘I would like to study in Germany or Vienna. With the money I can buy a flat, pay my tuition fees and afford a car.’

She was inspired by Alexandra Khefren, an 18-year-old Romanian model who sold her virginity for £2million (2.3 million Euro) to an unnamed businessman from Hong Kong.

News about Khefren and the virgin escort agency went viral across the world and also came to the attention of Kim.
Kim said:

‘So is it really worth more than 2.3 million euro to give my virginity to a man who might eventually leave me anyway? To be honest, I do not believe it.’

Kim says she is willing to meet with the highest bidder anywhere in the world as long as all travels are paid for.

She also added that she is not afraid of any stranger that bids as the agency have said she can ‘break off’ the meeting at any time.

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