News reaches MBs family that what usually happens in movies has finally come to reality in the city of Douala. This is evident as the CEO of Pharmacie Olympique wife to Chief (Sessekou) Engineer Arrey Augustine, CEO of Austine maritime services was heartlessly, painfully and brutally murdered at her residence Friday 26th of May 2017 @ about 9 pm by 5 heavily armed men who disguised as security men.

Background search by our editors and correspondents unravelled that, these assassins stumped her residence at about 6 pm clothed as security men from the company the family hired. After successfully entering the compound, the security men on sit that evening was surrendered at gun point, tied and thrown at the dead points of the residence from which some took guard of the gate while other went into the residence capturing, blind folding and cuffed the children and maid.

Unfortunately, the pilots of the residence were not around and so this gave the assassins the opportunity to search and take all possession and stuff that were of interest to them.
At about 9: 00 pm, Mrs Arrey Ebika drove into her compound from work hoping to meet a quiet home but to her dismay, was received by these armed men who allowed her to park properly and upon stepping down from her car was too surrendered at gun point and directed into the house where the scene happened.

She gave them the money and stuff they asked for but unfortunately was still strangled and murdered in cold blood in the presence of her blind-folded children (what a pity!!).
After this act, they all stepped out waiting for the arrival of the main pilot to carry out the same event but God in his infinite mercies, delivered these teenage children from the bond and blindfolds and they happened to have escaped from the fence and the assassins being wised enough, fled after noticing the disappearance of the children suspecting that they might have drawn attention which they did.

The family is in distress and pain but investigations and going on and the assassins will surely be booked down. The mortal remain happens to be in the Morgue awaiting burial.

MBs will keep you posted as the burial program and case unfolds for they are unsure if they were armed robbers or assassins.

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  1. Dear family and friend,the funeral program of late Arrey Frida Ebika is on the 30th June 2017 this month,more information will be inform.